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Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization Palmyra, PA Creating the lawn spaces of your dreams begins with utilizing the best grade sod or seeds and hiring experienced professionals for turf installation. However, once the Lawns are established and ready for use, you need to ensure they receive the appropriate treatments and care at the correct times.

While regular mowing, aeration, and de-weeding are crucial aspects, the grass also needs proper nutrition to thrive. We at The Greenskeeper have worked consistently for over 32 years and helped create stunning landscapes on our clients’ properties. We offer custom lawn fertilization services and make sure that our clients are delighted with our solutions.

Our company caters to clients in and around Palmyra. We have made our mark in this space based on our commitment and hard work. We make sure that our clients get the best, tailored services for their needs.

Why is Lawn Fertilization Important?

We are the local lawn care experts that offer custom lawn fertilization treatments. The treatments and techniques we use help the grass become robust and healthy. Many clients wonder why their grass needs to be fertilized two to three times each year. The fact is that the water used to irrigate the soil also tends to wash away some of the nutrients from the soil when it flows into the drains. Heavy rainfall and regular depletion also reduce the nutrient content in the soil.

Replenishing these nutrients is the best way to ensure your grass has the right conditions for growth. When the grass is well nourished, it becomes stronger and can withstand pest infestations and diseases in a better way. Thick and resilient grass won't wear quickly under foot traffic either.

High-Quality Turf Fertilization Services

We offer excellent lawn fertilization services to clients across the region and develop custom lawn fertilization plans for our clients. Over the years, we have built a strong customer base, and make sure that the solutions offered are cost-effective too. When you hire us for lawn maintenance, turf fertilization is part and parcel of this service, and it helps ensure the condition and health of your grass at all times.

Lawn Fertilizing Methods

We are systematic in our approach, and the different things we focus on are:

  • Applying fertilizers to turf every four to six weeks.
  • Use of organic fertilizers
  • Providing custom annual lawn fertilization plans
  • Checking the grass for signs of infestations and weed growth while the fertilizers are being applied.

Specialized Lawn Fertilization Services

We know from our vast landscaping experience that just as there are different types of grasses, there is a wide variety of top-soils. These top-soils have different compositions as well, which makes it essential to use the right organic fertilizers in the right measure. We conduct a soil analysis to determine what the nutrient levels of the soil are and what combination of fertilizers would work best.

For any more information, feel free to call The Greenskeeper at this number-717-838-5299. You can also send us your queries or questions via this Contact Us form, and one of our team members will call you shortly. We look forward to working on your next lawn fertilization project.
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